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Stop worrying about spending hours and hours every week editing your podcast, and use that time instead to focus on creating even better content (and then marketing the heck out of it).

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Ecommerce is a unique category, and you shouldn’t have to settle for tools built with other businesses in mind. With Privy Convert, Email, and Text, everything is geared to just work for ecommerce. You’ve already got 1,000 things to do—wrestling with overly complicated marketing tools doesn’t need to get added to the list.

So whether you’re already putting in time and dollars to bring traffic to your store or you’re just getting started, make sure you’re prepared to make the most of it.

“Customer in, customer out” doesn’t have to be the norm. I’d love for you to give Privy a try (you can do it free!) and see the difference the right tools can make.

Founder, Hatch

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